“...Mediation is coming, because it has to. . . .Companies are not expected to take silly risks with shareholder assets if there are other ways to secure certainty at less cost. Businesses are increasingly drawing a line under their escalating conflict budgets and demanding much faster outcomes. They are also perceiving that they need to lead themselves out of the concentric circles which characterise litigation. Practitioners . . . are realizing that to retain their ever more discerning client base, and to win new clients, they need to prove themselves as spontaneous early conflict resolvers and solution providers, not just as good litigators and processors...”

Michael Leathes
Head, Intellectual Property
British American Tobacco

Mediation is a fair and efficient way of resolving disputes and reaching an agreement without the need to go to court.

Mediation is a flexible process that can be used to settle all kind of disputes. In nearly all of these ways, mediation is essentially different from arbitration or litigation. Mediation’s potential benefits include:

1. Continuing control by the parties over the mediation process,
2. Confidentiality
3. Enhanced communication
4. Consideration of commercial realities and benefits
5. Cost savings,
6. Time saving,
7. Flexibility
8. Continuing relationships

MTN Law & Mediation, provides comprehensive private mediation services to help resolve conflicts as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Due to our extensive experience in litigation we are aware of the importance of trying to resolve matters without resorting to a court. We provide mediation services to settle disputes of all varieties.

Mediation is a rather new and developing alternative dispute resolution way in Turkey. Attorney – mediators , Umut Metin (Business Mediator) & Filiz Metin (Family Mediator) are one the first mediators of Turkey licensed by Turkish Ministry of Justice.