MTN Law firm is a member of Paris based association GBL Alliance. The firm offers distinguished services to its clients at both, national and international level through a highly specialised legal team.

MTN's clients portfolio is being continually expended due to its legal team's approach and capacity in achieving successful results that keep its national and international clients satisfied.

Senior Partner Att. Mediator Umut METIN received “The Best International Lawyer Commercial Law” award from England based IAE association.

MTN’s legal team is determined to win the undertaken cases, and has the skills and experience to make sure all the depts will be collected as well as the necessary tools to be very effective at the international law scale.

MTN offers multidirectional counselling and protective attorney services to clients as well as following legal compliance procedures.

MTN law firm does not only advice clients on alternative dispute resolution methods, but also plays a big role in the resolution of litigious disputes through mediation and arbitration.

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